Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season

Now that I have your attention…SWIMSUIT season has officially ARRIVED!

Ready or not, it’s here. Pick your poison: two-piece bikini, briefs, board shorts, a swanky one-piece suit. It makes no difference at. You’ve had months to prepare for this place where suntans, bare skin and swaggy swimwear are pop’n!

There’s no time like the present to get your body in order. Summer ’17 is in full effect, make it memorable by getting in-shape & creating moments you’re pleased to look back on…all because you looked GREAT in your OWN skin.

Detox (cleanse your body) I recommend natural cleansing agents such as consuming ginger, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper. Juicing these ingredients make a refreshing drink.Xtyfit Recipe

Eat balanced, nutritious meals. Tread lightly; heavy meals keep you heavy. Lighten things up for the season. Maximize your energy with fresh or roasted vegetables, lean proteins, fresh fruit & plenty of water. 

Start running. The weather is perfect & no gym is required. Set your alarm 30 minutes early, wake up, get dressed and step outside. Take a 30 minute morning jog around your neighborhood to get your day started with vigor.

Make time to train a few days a week. Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise but you also want to maintain shapely definition in your body. Hit the weights a few times week to ensure your figure stays nice & toned.

Critical Corner:

Get some Vitamin D! Natural sunlight is free of charge and easy to obtain. If you have access to an outdoor pool or beach, apply SPF 50+ and lay out for a safe amount of time.

Stay manicured. This really goes without saying…I hope. Year-round ladies maintain neatly trimmed, shaped & polished hands/feet. This may or may not hold true for body hair. I won’t overstep my boundaries by suggesting how one should maintain this portion of personal hygiene. I will frankly say…hair & swimsuits don’t go together.

Get away! Take a vacation…even a staycation is acceptable. By any means necessary; separate yourself from the daily routine. Break from the mundane, do something different/exciting, visit a new place, buy a new swimsuit. LIVE-A-LOT!

♥ Christy



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