I’m a sucker for goodies, sweets & treats; especially those made with love like macarons, peach cobbler, banana pudding, croissants, belgium dark chocolate… YOU NAME IT! BEcause I know my weaknesses I have to be diligent about limiting my indulgences. I find myself obsessing over portions and immediately feel the need to “work off” the treat I’ve consumed. Wishing I were strong enough to kick the habit of sweets altogether.

Whenever I voice this concern aloud here’s the feedback I receive:

You work hard, just do it.

Oh you can afford it.

You deserve to splurge.

You’re tiny eat up.

All flattering but totally beside the point. Dark chocolate can stay however; dark chocolate with cold brew coffee caramel CANNOT, butter croissants, Allyson McFadden’s peach cobbler, Diner’s Delight banana pudding all CANNOT! They must go, leave my life, I bid them ado. Having these sweet treat linger in my life causes me to work a lot harder in the gym than may be necessary. This keeps me from looking & feeling my absolute best. Frankly, I’m not into working for free. I want reap all of the benefits from my hard work in the gym. No more free sessions.

I’m on a new mission to be whole. Spiritually, honoring what I eat. Mentally, knowing what I choose to eat is beneficial to my well-being. Physically, consuming only what is good to my body. I want to experience a wholeness that junk food can not provide. Once I devise a plan of action I’ll fill you in.

♥ Christy 





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